3 Reflex points all mums should know about!

Mel, our expert Reflexologist and Baby Massage teacher talks about the highly beneficial reflex points on babies and how massaging them can help alleviate all sorts of symptoms babies have….

“Our feet are full of points that correlate to all parts of the body, including the sinuses, chest and abdomen.

If your little one is snuffly and congested, or struggling with digestive issues, you may be able to offer them some relief by massaging the reflex points on their feet. Apply gentle but firm pressure to get results. And avoid tickling (contrary to belief young babies don’t like to be tickled and it can be stressful for them).

These are located in the pads of the toes. By gently squeezing and massaging each of the toes you will stimulate the sinus reflexes and break down any stagnant energy in these points. This will help clear congestion.

The area below the toes taking up the upper part of the foot. The chest includes the lungs, so again, a brilliant reflex point for helping with any congestive issues and breathing.

Upper and lower abdomen
1 of my favourite reflex points, the area in the middle and lower part of the sole (not the heel), containing the stomach, and the large and small intestines. For any digestive issues including trapped wind and constipation massage this entire area. You may find this very effective!

Just a note
If your little one doesn’t want you to do reflexology on them & kicks and pulls away, try holding their feet in your hands to let them get used to your touch. They may have negative associations from heel pricks and need to gain your trust that you won’t hurt their feet

If you are interested in learning more about reflex points and massage for babies, and want to join one of our courses then please get in touch with us.